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About Jazz Tasks

Copyright 2012 WiebeWorks Corporation
The Jazz Tasks application was designed by WiebeWorks, located in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
It can be used as a tasks application, a standalone to do application or to manage tasks and to dos within a project.  If you want more information about Jazz Tasks, view our website.
For technical support, or when you have suggestions or comments, please email me.
If you like this app and think others might find the application useful, sharing your experience in a short review would be highly appreciated.


You are in control as the Project Manager! Create as many projects as you have. Add tasks and assign contacts to work the task. Add to dos to a task. Keep track of progress by marking when the project/task/to do was started and completed.

The Jazz Tasks app will become your best friend for planning, organizing and monitoring the progress of all your projects.

The flexible start page feature makes it easy to use as a task manager or a to do list.

New features include:

  • New Task added to main page
  • Delete command added to task list context menu
  • Start, complete moved from application bar to menu list for tasks and projects
  • Un-schedule command added to task edit
  • Groom command lists for valid conditions
  • Main Page does not show completed Tasks
  • Settings Option to hide completed objects for All Tasks, All Projects, All To Dos, All Tags
  • Reports: View progress week by week of your tasks, projects and to dos, filter by Date Range
  • Added Watchlist for tasks: notifies user on a regular interval 
See more at http://www.wiebeworks.com/JazzTasks/.

Useful tips for Jazz Tasks

Jazz Tasks can be used as a standalone application or as a networked application where tasks and todos are stored on OneDrive.

Generate test data

 If you want to quickly become acquainted with Jazz Tasks, you may generate a test database with project, task, todo and tag data.  This allows you to quickly browse the application to see how things are laid out on the phone.  Once you are ready to start using Jazz Tasks with your data, just clear the database.  Both commands can be found as menu items on the settings page.

Jazz Tasks - Standalone

Jazz Tasks is ready to be your go-to tasks application. Task input is simplified by setting up your preferred form input on the Settings page.

Jazz Tasks - OneDrive

Jazz Tasks is ready to be your go-to tasks application. Task input is simplified by setting up your preferred form input on the Settings page.
For the OneDrive application, there are two specific parameters:
  • OneDrive Folder (default: 'JazzTasks') is the folder in your OneDrive folder where your records are stored. Sub-folders are automatically created for each type of file.
  • Store Logs in OneDrive? (default: true) is a mechanism for storing errors.  This is useful in identifying problems with the application.");
You may work offline with Jazz Tasks - OneDrive.  It will operate identically to the standalone version of Jazz Tasks.  When you sign-in, you can sync records.
You MUST sign-in to store records on OneDrive.
The Logs page shows all activity for a  OneDrive session. (You may select which logs are stored on OneDrive by setting the 'Store Logs in OneDrive?' option in Settings.)
Commands on the Logs page provide OneDrive management include:  
  • Upload all files from your Phone to OneDrive.  Files are overwritten from the Phone.
  • Synchronize all files between the Phone and OneDrive, where OneDrive is treated as the Master.  New files and changed files with a 'valid' timestamp are uploaded.
  • Clear the database to delete all files on your Phone. (then use Sync to download 'fresh' files from OneDrive.)