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Jazz Timesheet Applications

This page describes how to use Jazz Timesheets.

Project Manager

Use Jazz Timesheets to track the time that you spend on each project.

1. Define your projects.
2. Use Settings to define your defaults for contact, department and project.
3. Create a timesheet for the week or edit an existing timesheet.
4. Click 'Add Timeslip' to enter the hours worked during the week on a project.
a. Select the project.
b. Select the status of the timeslip.
c. Select the type of timeslip (straight time, overtime or time off in lieu).
d. Enter the hours worked for each day on this project.
e. Save the timeslip.

5. Enter another timeslip for another project

Use Reports to track time

Reports are great at summarizing the time spent by a contact or a department or a project. And Jazz Timesheets works in landscape, so you can see your reports in landscape format.

Manage Timesheets by state

Timesheets can be tracked from
  • not started = you are just entering your time.
  • submitted = you submitted your time for manager approval.
  • approved = your manager approved the time.
  • locked = accounting has locked the records.

Jazz Timesheets is a single user application right now, but I think that you can see where it is going.