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Jazz Note Applications

This page describes how to use Jazz Notes.

Note Manager

Jazz Tasks may be used as a Task Manager.
1. Edit Settings with Start Page = Note Editor.  This starts the application on the Note Editor page.
2. A Note item has a number of fields:
a. Content of the note.
b. Name of the note.
c. Status of the note.
d. Tags associated with the note.
3. To add a Note, click ... at the bottom of the Note Editor page.
a. Enter new note. The page is updated to a blank lined page ready for your note.
4. Change the default values of Task fields on the Settings page.
a. Start Page = Notes Editor
b. Start State (Note) = Active

Customizing the Note Editor

You can customize the note editor on the Settings page. 
  • The note to the left is set to yellow, with Font Family = Segoe WP and Font Size = 40.
  • The note to the right is set to mauve with Font Family = Segoe WP and Font Size = 40.

Aging eyes will appreciate the selection of large fonts.

There are a range of colors that you can select from - click the background text box to see a range of colors (subset shown below).