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Jazz Note Features

Jazz Notes is categoried under tools + productivity.

The Jazz Notes app will become your best friend for planning, organizing and monitoring the progress of all things on your mind.

The flexible start page feature makes it easy to use as a note manager to see your list of notes or start in your notes editor.

Here’s what Jazz Notes does for you:

  • Multiple user app with OneDrive
  • Use Notes as a single user standalone application or network with OneDrive
  • Light and Dark theme support
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • English only
  • Auto-generate test data
  • Fast and fluid Metro motion interface
  • Multiple sorts for Notes
  • Application settings allow custom functionality adjustments
    • Start Page: (Main, Note, Note Editor, Sign in)
    • Assigned to Contact used for Audits and email features (select from Contacts)
    • Clear Database
  • Flexible Start Page: Choose how you want to use the app
    • Main page of the application
    • All Notes, shown by not started, active and completed.
    • Note Editor, shows the first note in the editor, with navigation to next and previous notes.
    • Sign in page for OneDrive.
  • Create notes, tags, comments
  • Add multiple tags to a note
  • Set background color, font family and font size for note editor
  • Search note for text []
  • Settings Option to hide completed objects on All Notes and Main Pages []
  • Added Watch list for notes: notifies user on a regular interval []
  • Note
    • Quick previews of each note
    • Set background color of lined paper
    • Select font family and font size
    • Note content
    • Note title
    • Add a comment to a note (great for collaborative note editing)
    • Add one or more tags to a note
    • Status (Not started, Active, Completed)
    • Set reminder
    • Email your note
    • text your note title on your phone
    • Archive a note on OneDrive
    • Export your note (raw data) to OneDrive for review in notepad on PC
    • Mark note as started, active or completed

  • Tag
    • Name
    • Status (Not started, Active, Completed)
    • Notes list for the tag
  • Comment
    • Name
    • Delete comments added to note