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About Jazz Banners



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Copyright 2013 WiebeWorks Corporation

The Jazz Banners application was designed by WiebeWorks, located in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

It is a fun app for your Windows 8 PC. Just enter a phrase into the app to see it scroll across the screen.  If you want more information about Jazz Tasks, view our website.

For technical support, or when you have suggestions or comments, please email me.

If you like this app and think others might find the application useful, sharing your experience in a short review would be highly appreciated.


Jazz Banners is a fun program used to create banners and display them on your Windows Phone.

  • edit and save multiple banners
  • tag each banner for easy retrieval
  • display each banner quickly and easily
  • define defaults for banners
Jazz Banners help you to define your favorite banner and keep it handy for displaying.
Choose the font size and speed to make it easy for users to read your message.
  • Use a photo for the background
  • Use voice over or add music