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Windows Store 8 Jazz Banner Features

Jazz Banners is categoried under tools + productivity.

Here’s what Jazz Banners does for you:

  • App for Windows 8 PC
  • create banners and display them on your Windows 8 PC.
  • edit and save multiple banners
  • tag each banner for easy retrieval
  • display each banner quickly and easily
  • define defaults for banners
  • define your favorite banner and keep it handy for displaying.
  • Choose background from solid color, gradient color or a photo.
  • Add voice over or music to your banner.
  • choose the font size and speed to make it easy for users to read your message.
  • short messages can use larger font sizes and slow speeds.
  • longer messages should use small font sizes and faster speeds.
  • OneDrive connectivity.
  • Share banners between Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.