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About Jazz Tasks for Windows 8

Jazz Tasks synchronizes with OneDrive.

You are in control as the Project Manager!  Create as many projects as you have.  Add tasks and assign contacts to work the task.  Add to dos to a task.  Keep track of progress by marking when the project/task/to do was started and completed. Tag a task.

The Jazz Tasks app will become your best friend for planning, organizing and monitoring the progress of all your projects.


  • Track Tasks and To Do items
  • Manage Projects
  • Tag Tasks
  • Add photo, voice and/or current location
  • Jazz Tasks synchronizes with OneDrive.  Use the Windows Phone 7 companion app (Release to share tasks and to dos.


This app has permission to use
  • Your pictures library, including adding, changing, or deleting files
  • Your location, which can be based on a GPS sensor in your PC or your network information
  • Your microphone, including recording audio
  • Your Internet connection