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Windows 8 Jazz Task Releases

This page tracks the feature content delivered per release for Windows 8.

Jazz Tasks 8.0.x.x

  • based on consumer input

Jazz Tasks - OneDrive

  • Search Tasks and To Dos
  • Finnish language added
  • Newline for email bug
  • General bug fixes

Jazz Tasks - OneDrive

Released July 2013

  • Multiple language support: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai

Jazz Tasks - OneDrive

Released June 2013

  • Light and Dark theme support
  • Tasks, Projects, To Dos and Tags are stored locally AND on OneDrive
  • Connectivity with Windows Phone 7 Jazz Tasks App
  • Multiple user support for app
  • Users allowed to share records are configured on your OneDrive account
  • Operate in standalone mode or networked mode
  • Projects, Tasks, To Dos and Tags are stored locally (for offline usage) and synchronized to OneDrive
    • Sync files between your device and OneDrive (OneDrive is the master).
    • Multiple devices can be used to access Jazz Tasks.
    • Multiple users can access Jazz Tasks (OneDrive must be configured with the names of other users)
  • Logs
    • Select the level of logging saved to OneDrive, default is all errors
    • Logs page displays all activity, e.g. Audits for saving and deleting, Uploads and downloads with OneDrive, synchronization events

Jazz Tasks

Release May 2013

  • App for Windows Windows 8 PC's
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • English only
  • Generates test data on start-up

  • Multiple sorts for Tasks, Projects and To Dos
  • Application settings allow custom functionality adjustments
    • Start State for new To Do (Not started, Active)
    • Assigned to Contact for new Task (select from Contacts)
    • Due Date for new Task: (Blank, Today noon, Tomorrow noon)
    • Default Project for new Task (select from defined projects)
    • Settings Option to hide completed objects for All Tasks, All Projects, All To Dos, All Tags

  • Create tasks, projects, to dos, tags
  • Create custom tags
  • Default objects added for Projects and Tags. User sees 'Common' project and  default blank tag.  Default objects can be renamed, but not deleted.
  • Reports
    • Task Progress Time Chart
    • Task Progress Pie Chart
    • To Do Progress Pie Chart
  • Filter chart information by Project and Date Range
  • Task
    • Assign project and tag to each task
    • Assigned To name selected from contacts
    • Use Email and Phone from contacts
    • Due date
    • Task priority (Low, Medium, High, Must)
    • Importance and Urgency
    • Notes
    • Reference a URL
    • Attach photo to task
    • Attach voice memo (requires microphone)
    • Attach location (requires GPS)
    • Click to Start
    • Click to Complete
    • Send Email to assigned to name
    • Notification toasts for tasks
    • Send task as an email
    • Reset Task
    • Commands for postpone a day, do it today, Un-schedule
    • Task Progress time chart
    • Task Progress pie chart
    • Add photo to task with immediate save and delete. View Photo in full screen
    • Reports: View progress week by week of your tasks, projects and to dos
  • Project
    • Status (Not started, Active, Completed)
    • Due Date
    • Notes
    • Add task to project
    • List of Tasks
    • Click to Start
    • Click to Complete
    • Send project as email
    • Reset Project
  • To Do
    • Status (Not started, Active, Completed)
    • Check to Start
    • Check to Complete
    • Send to do as an email
    • Reset To Do
    • To Do Progress pie chart

  • Tag
    • Status (Not started, Active, Completed)
    • Add task to Tag
    • List of Tasks

  • Notifications
    • Add/remove task, project.
    • View all outstanding notifications

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