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On Tuesday, February 12th, 2013, the International Olympic Committee voted by secret ballot to recommend that wrestling be dropped from the Olympics in 2020.

The IOC executive board met on May 29th in St. Petersburg, Russia, and selected Wrestling, Baseball/Softball, and Squash as the list of sports to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics.

The IOC general assembly will meet this September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to vote to select the sport(s) for the final spot(s) in the 2020 Olympics.
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FILA (International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles) has responded with a new set of rules to make wrestling more competitive and spectator friendly.

Wrestling Rules App

In support of Olympic wrestling, we say "Support Olympic Wrestling - know the rules".
Jazz Wrestling Rules 2013 is the new set of rules for Olympic wrestling introduced in 2013. Use the app to:

  • review the rules
  • search the rules
  • add personal comments to any rule

It is a handy reference for searching rules.
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