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Windows Phone Jazz Wrestling Rules Features

Jazz Wrestling Rules is categoried under books and reference.

Here’s what Jazz Wrestling Rules does for you:

  • App for Windows 7.1+ and Windows 8 Phones

Jazz Wrestling Rules 2013 is the new set of articles for Olympic wrestling introduced in 2013 by FILA, the IOC organization that oversees wrestling at the Olympics.
Use this app to:

  • review the articles
  • search the articles
  • quickly move between articles within a chapter
  • add personal comments to each article
  • use the plus and minus keys at the bottom of the page to increase or decrease the font size.
  • set the default font size for rules on the settings page.
  • import the rules from the cloud.
  • rules are stored in a database in the cloud, so that they can be displayed on phones, Windows 8 PC's and browsers.
  • once the rules are added, you can periodically check for rule updates (this addresses format changes to improve readability) on the settings page.
  • the Wrestling Rules are available in multiple languages at our website.